J.D. Shelburne reaches massive audience to end 2020!

Nashville, TN – (December 31, 2020) – JD Shelburne recently performed a virtual show live from his home studio in Nashville on New Years Eve. Due to the pandemic, sold out clubs and New Years Eve Bash’s were very rare this year, so Shelburne and his production team thought outside the box and decided to perform a virutal show instread and it worked!!! The online virtual show reached a massive audience of 220,000 total viewers and quickly became his largest online show of Shelburne’s Facebook history. Karl Truman Law sponsored the show and the show reached viewers as far as Australia! Shelburne and his acoustic band performed all original songs dating back to 2012 and shared stories about each song. Shelburne also debuted a new song “The Road I Grew Up On” from his forthcoming album. 

To watch the replay click here