Kentucky Native JD Shelburne returned to Jeffersontown, KY this past Saturday September 17th to headline the 53rd Annual J-Town Gaslight Festival. Shelburne walked to the stage during the intro to one of the largest crowds ever in the Gaslight’s history! Shelburne performed a 2-hour set with all his hit songs that included “Church Pew Barstool” a #1 on CMT, “Fine by Me” and so many more including a ZZ Top cover! The crowd filled the pavilion with several thousand in attendance. “It was one of my most exciting shows in 2022. The excitement continued to build the month leading up and I had a feeling it was gonna be a special night. I was speechless walking up to the stage that night from the green room to witness several thousand chanting my name. I am glad to come back home to perform for these loyal fans” says Shelburne on a phone interview. His success is rising like a rocket launch and I am excited to see what the future holds for him. Continue to follow his career at I am honored to see this Kentucky Native succeed and do it the right way – building a fan base one show at a time and being humble and shaking hands with fans. His merchandise line was filled all night long. – Entertainment 2022