NASHVILLE (May 5th): Kentucky Native JD Shelburne is no stranger to new music. Shelburne, fresh off his first single from his 6th Album Neon Hallelujah due out 7/28, has released his next single “Devil In Me”! This single written by Mark Nesler, Tony Martin & Tim Nichols, some of Nashville’s most successful songwriters, will be featured on his new album set to be released on July 28th. Special thanks to Today’s Country for the single review. Read below:

Kentucky native JD Shelburne has absolutely provided the work-hard blueprint for any independent act who is trying to carve out their place in the country music scene today.

Several music video placements at CMT over the past decade made tremendous impact to bring Shelburne next level success, while his amazingly strong social presence has his hometown continuing to shower him with support as he furthers his worldwide reach, growing his fanbase exponentially.

With the release of “Neon Hallelujah” this past February, JD immediately hyped the buzz on his highly anticipated album of the same name, and he now continues to tease his fans with the release of “Devil In Me.”

Never one to shy away from faith-based imagery as he’s shown on “Church Pew Bar Stool,” while always willing to embrace his small-town, country boy roots as he’s given us on “Hometown in My Headlights,” “Farmboy,” and “Straight from Kentucky,” he perfectly walks the middle of both those lines with this new release.

The mid-tempo drive is surrounded by a soft toe-tap in the rhythm and gritty guitar licks, adding the proper amount of instrumentational fuel to the lyric as Shelburne autobiographically takes us through the simple fact that he’s never been the type to follow any rules or do what people told him to do.

In list like fashion, through each of the verses he spells out the different people who’ve had to put up with his edgier, bad boy side over the years including his parents, bosses, and girlfriends, as well as telling of the destructive path that he lined with his wrecked cars, old scars, and broken hearts.   

However, where most songs that carry this type of theme to theme will usually see our main character looking back on where they come from just so they can exploit how much they’ve changed for the better now, Shelburne with a noticeable slyness in his voice and a knowing wink in his eye, shrugs his shoulders through the chorus as he sings:

“And if I haven’t changed by now, I doubt I ever will

That stream that runs in my blood is just as stubborn still

Til they lay me down in that cold hard ground

I guess I’m gonna be

Always fighting that devil in me”

Though JD Shelburne has been at this for over a decade now, and he’s found incredible amounts of success that most artists would love to have, he continues to push his music to outstanding new heights rather than just sitting in the pocket of what he does best, putting fresh takes on his core signatures to give his fans with what they already love from him, while expertly notching forward by expanding just enough within his sound to stay uber attractive to the newcomers.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)