MARCH 1, 2023

The Kentucky-born, Nashville-based country artist pays tribute to small-town life.


And the hits just keep on coming from JD Shelburne, the Kentucky-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter who’s rising on the radar of everyone who covers country music.

Neon Hallelujah, his sixth studio album, won’t be released until Summer 2023. But he has already released the title track as a single — and has followed up today with a lyric music video for the tune.

Shelburne says the song was pitched him to him by album co-producer Maks Gabriel, who wrote it with Jayce Hein, Jimmy Thow, and Jamie Floyd.

“And I instantly fell in love with the melody and story of the song,” Shelburne says. “It already has that mainstream radio feel. It hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I heard it and the more I listened, the more I connected with it. I knew I just had to record it because it’s one of those rare songs you hear every now and then that just sounds like a smash hit. You know those kinds of songs the second you hear them.

“I am grateful to get this out to the fans and name it one of the leading songs off my 2023 album. It’s one of the tracks I am most excited about on my album, so I want to share it with my fans first before the actual album release. I believe this record will take me to new heights and I’ve worked my craft for over a decade in preparation for this.”

Shelburne recently visited the C&I Studio to talk about “Neon Hallelujah” the single and Neon Hallelujah the album.