J.D. Shelburne gets his own exhibit at the Hall of Fame!

Renfro Valley, KY – (December 4, 2020) – JD Shelburne was recently honored with his own exhibit at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. These exhibits serve as an effort to highlight artists who have made a lasting impact on the music industry. On their official website, visitors will find more information about each artist and when their exhibit will become available for public viewing in the museum. All unveiling ceremonies will follow social distancing guidelines. Shelburne expresses his gratitude and love for the state that set a fire in his heart.

“As a fellow Kentuckian, I am humbled to know that I will have an exhibit in the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame,” said Shelburne. “I am grateful and honored to know that I have achieved enough success in my career to achieve something of this caliber. I cannot put into words what this means and what the Commonwealth, the fans, my hometown, my family all mean to me. My roots still run deep down an ole dirt road that traces back to Taylorsville, KY for generations and beyond.”

As part of a special unveiling of his exhibit at the Kentucky Country Music Hall of Fame, Shelburne was presented with a formal acclamation from Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky, honoring JD Shelburne for his accomplishments in country music.