Kentucky Native and Country Music Artist JD Shelburne was recently selected for the Kentucky Farm Bureau featured story! “Voices” tells the stories of Kentuckians who are grounded in our rural communities just like our next featured Kentuckian JD Shelburne.

The committee looks for people who have unexpected stories to tell all across the Commonwealth. They recently told the story of a young lady from Kentucky who was on MasterChef Junior and now has a popular YouTube Channel. They also told the story of a successful NFL player turned farmer. JD was a natural fit for their storytelling segment. Someone from rural Kentucky who is not only a successful musician, but who is deeply rooted in rural Kentucky.

The Farm Bureau Department selects 12 of these stories per year. Some come from winners of KFB contests or who are employees of our organization who have other, surprising pursuits. Shelburne is upcoming in the music industry and has performed over 2,900 shows in his career including 2 shows for the KDF this past year. Shelburne headlined the 103rd Annual Meeting in front of 1500 members. His roots still run deep back to his family farm where this segment was filmed in November 2022.

You can view JD’s story here: