NASHVILLE (December 1st, 2023): We’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive premiere during this holiday season – the soul-stirring rendition of “Please Come Home for Christmas” by the incredibly talented JD Shelburne. As the snowflakes fall and the holiday spirit fills the air, JD Shelburne’s voice lends a unique and heartfelt touch to this classic Christmas tune.

Produced by Bart Busch, the collaboration between JD Shelburne and Bart Busch has resulted in a rendition that seamlessly weaves the warmth of country melodies with the timeless sentiments of the holiday season. Shelburne’s emotive vocals, combined with Busch’s masterful production, create a musical experience that invites you to embrace the nostalgia and yearning that characterize this festive favorite.

So, grab a cup of cocoa, cozy up by the fire, and let JD Shelburne’s rendition of “Please Come Home for Christmas,” become the soundtrack to your holiday season. It’s a gift of music and emotion that will surely make your Christmas celebrations even more special.

JD Shelburne with his first drum set
JD Shelburne with his first drum set. (1985)

JD shared the story of why he chose this songto record. “I recorded the classic ‘Please Come Home for Christmas’ written in 1960 by Charles Brown,” he began. “I have always loved this Christmas song, which was made famous by The Eagles, and it fit my voice so well when I went in to record. It always seemed this song was one of the most popular songs played on radio every year, and it became one of my early holiday favorites as a child.” 

He continued, “I also wanted to create an album cover that had sentimental meaning. I recently came across a photo of my Grandmother Clara’s house from the 1990’s. I knew it would make a perfect album cover that fit this song title. I spent so much time in Taylorsville, KY growing up, and Christmas Eve at her house marks some of my very favorite memories as a child. The house is no longer there, but it was always a staple in my hometown during the holidays when my mother and her would decorate the outside during Christmas. This is the same house where I found the guitar that started my professional career in 2002. I wanted to keep her memory alive with that photo I found recently.”

“I can’t wait for fans to hear my rendition of ‘Please Come Home for Christmas.’ Christmases with my family as a child are some of my most favorite memories growing up. The best Christmas gift I ever received was a Yamaha PW Dirt bike in the 90s’ – that and a Ken Griffey Jr 1990 Upper Deck Rookie Card. He’s my baseball idol, and it was a very rare card in its day. I still have it! Both came from Santa…”

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