By Nacogdoches Miller Kentucky Standard

Bloomfield kicked off the summer with its first Street concert to date with the help of Taylorsville artist J.D. Shelburne.

Julia Hood, a Boston native, and Layla Spring of Lebanon, hyped up the crowd, which consisted of people across county and state lines who joined the local mix for the family friendly event the city put on after nearly a year of delays.

“J.D. come through town one day, he seen the big American Flag on the side of Linda Bruckheimer’s building, looked up the street and thought ‘you know what, amphitheater,”’ Bloomfield Mayor Chris Dudgeon said recounting how the concept started to form last year. “He called me and I said, ‘let’s make it happen.”

Dudgeon said he told Shelburne the city had a small budget and the two worked with sponsors to bring the show to life.

“With this kind of turn out you couldn’t ask for better,” the mayor added.

Before any performers took to the stage, J.D. held a meet and greet with fans where they got the chance to take selfies, get autographs and swap stories.

“It just makes it a personal experience,” said Cindy Fryrear, who traveled from the Louisville area with friends and family to see J.D. “It’s not just going to see someone sing, there is actually some personal interaction.”

Fans who didn’t make the first round of meet and greets were still able to get an up-close interaction with the singer when he left the stage to wander up the sidewalk during his performance.

“I would just like to see him come back and do it again,” said Mike Shepherd, sitting in a chair on Taylorsville road overlooking the show.

Dudgeon said he hoped to make the street concert an annual event because it was both good for the community and putting a spotlight on the town.

“I just think it brings a lot to the community,” Dugdeon said. “We have business here that a lot of these people don’t even know about. They’re not use to seeing this quiet little town outside of Bardstown so loud and full of people.”